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Spicy tripes Matumbo Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
1/2 kg Tripes (matumbo) washed and prepared
1 Onion sliced
4 cloves Garlic sliced
small piece Ginger chopped
3 Mixed coloured bell peppers sliced
2 Tomatoes chopped
3 tsp Curry powder
a handful Dhania chopped

Nutritional information

880 g

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Spicy tripes Matumbo Recipe

  • Spicy

    Irresistible, spicy tripes stew.

    • 3 hrs 20mins
    • Serves 7
    • Hard




    Spicy tripes Matumbo Recipe is a common delicacy in Kenya. Well here is an easy recipe. A great plate of tripes has had proper washing and cooked until it’s tender and spicy. Tripes, are animal innards. The intestines, which you would have naturally passed on. These innards, however, have great value in fiber and are a good source of proteins. When proper time is taken and the right ingredients used, can change this weird-looking meat, into a delicious plate of goodness. Best enjoyed with ugali, mukimo or rice alongside a cold smoothie and a side of kales topped up with hot “pilipili” Incase you are in a hurry and want to get Spicy Matumbo delivered to your doorstep you can order your plate here for fast delivery https://cutt.ly/FbjkeHp for those in Ruiru.


    3 hours

    Cleaning and Pre-cooking

    Check and remove the slimy green at the back of the pieces while washing underwater. Make sure you clean till the water is clear. You can prefer it clear white tripes.

    Place the washed piece into a pot with cold water and bring it to boil for 15 mins without covering. This sterilizes the pieces.

    Drain the hot water then put fresh water and bring to a boil, cook while covered, for up to 3 hrs or until soft to your liking. Keep adding water as it reduces while simmering.

    Check if it's done by cutting a small piece and bite into it. *Allow cooling before cutting them



    Under medium heat, fry the onion and ginger in minimal oil until it starts to slightly brown. Add the garlic now and allow it to cook for about 2 minutes.


    Add the curry powder and stir into the onion for about 1-2 mins, under medium heat. Add the cut-up pieces of tomatoes and stir into the onion and allow to cook for about 3-4 mins. Constantly stir the mix to avoid it from burning. Add a little water if it gets too dry. Add tomatoes now, if preferred, and allow to cook until softened.


    Add the cut bell peppers and stir as you allow them to cook by covering the top. Cook for further 4 mins.Taste while adjusting the seasoning and finish by adding your dhania.

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